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Three happiness welcome Idul Fitri

Do not feel we have a full month of Ramadan fasting, one month we have managed to endure hunger and thirst from dawn until sunset. At the time of the full moon blessing, mercy and forgiveness that has gone, today we met in a moment of excitement, which is the feast of Idul Fitri. If we interpret textual meaning "breaking day" or "days back to nature", phase of human life is considered sacred, clean and free from all sin.
In today's victory, maybe some of us who are wondering: what excitement should we celebrate Eid when arrived? Was just coming and passing of "one day" without any sense sebagimana other days? Or there is a privilege that we should be proud on this day?

On this occasion, I will explore three of happiness for the Muslim community in welcoming Eid. namely; Been perfectly happy to see the month of Ramadan, by running fast, happy to share to you a faith, by fulfilling the obligation to tithe, and happy with the Eid occasion or bersilaturrahim, each mema'afkan any errors remove scratches and wounds that never tighten fraternal relations.

Perfectly happy to have encountered Ramadan:

We have to admit that successfully meet the month of Ramadan, with physical and mental health, so that they can carry out orders with solemn fasting, is a great gift from the almighty, friend Ali Ra (w: 40 AH / 661 AD) said: "In good health is the most beautiful grace"

We can imagine how the people who go to nature Baqa '(death) shortly before the coming of the month of Ramadan, they can not find full moon blessing, mercy and forgiveness. In fact, through worship in the month of Ramadan, we are given a bonus reward doubled and the opportunity to merge the sins they have committed. Prophet - in a hadeeth narrated by Muslim priests - explains that Ramadan is a month full of forgiveness.

Or not least of our brothers who arrived during the month of Ramadan in a state of pain, physically and mentally healthy, so it can not run the fasting obligations, or if they still run, not solemnly as the normal health. Of course with the elderly sick, they can not feel how nikmatnaya when breaking, when bersahur, how good we were able to control the passions with little desire to curb the physical and biological.

In one occasion, at the time of the great scholars tabi'in (after the time of the Companions of the Prophet) imam Ibn Sirin, (w: 110 H / 728 AD) that straightforward affair lust is the most complicated matters in this life, he said: "I have never had a more complicated affair than the affairs of the soul ". What matters relating to the control of the soul of lust is a big obstacle that often hinders human life, in this case the Holy Prophet warned: "The road to heaven dilapangkan to control the passions, while the road to hell dilapangkan to obey lusts" (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim )

With the arrival of Eid, it is natural that we are happy to reveal the excitement together, not on the basis of the holy month of Ramadan has passed, but happiness is based upon our success in reining in the levels of lust and a certain time frame.

Happy to care for others:

The second happiness that we should feel at the moment of the coming feast of Eid is, we have issued a tithe. A worship no other as a form of self-purification as well as a complement of every Muslim Ramadan fasting.

Tithe is one horizontal dimension of worship. If we look at the visible, it is trivial, does not require an abundant amount of property, but every Muslim who at the time of arrival of Eid have basic needs for himself, family and people who should dinafkahinya, then he is obliged to put out charity. Nominations dikeluarakan property was very little, only 1 Sha 'about 2.5 kg of the local staple food, or be refunded in accordance with the standard price.

In contrast to the wealth zakat, zakat livestock, crops zakat, zakat zakat profession and trade, the types of zakat can only be fulfilled by the course. Therefore, the percentage of Muslims are obliged to issue a tithe so much more than charity-the charity, this is in accordance with the maqasid (goals) disyari'atkannya tithe is to restore every man in his nature.

If for a moment we look maqasid (goals) and wisdom worship zakat compulsory in general, it turns out the teachings of Islam, in addition to self-seeking sanctity of every human being, the sanctity and blessing also expects its property. Described in the Qur'an, when Allah ordered Muhammad to realize the obligation of zakat to his companions: "Take alms of their wealth to charity that you purge - and purify - they" (Surat at Tawbah: 103).

On another occasion Allah explains: "And something you give usury that he increase in human wealth, it does not add to the usury Allah. And what do you give a charity that you intend to achieve keridha'an God, then (the doing so) that the people who multiply "(Surat Ar Rum: 39)

If such fact, it is our opportunity to tithe obligations, is a joy in itself. We have been given the opportunity by Allah to purify the soul at the same time create a sense of concern on the conditions around us. However happiness in welcoming Eid, are also eligible felt by the poor who did not have a staple food during the holidays arrive.

Happy with bersilaturrahim:

The tradition of "Eid" in every feast of Eid is an opportunity for us to bersilaturrahim. Surely silaturrahim in the broad sense, ie forgive each other for all the mistakes that have been done, mutually strengthen fraternal relations on the basis of faith and nationality, not merely on the basis of kinship and brotherhood lineage descendant relationships. This is as stated in the Qur'an: "Verily the believers are brothers so make peace between your brothers" (Surat al-Hujurat: 10)

As we all realize, that the daily interactions within the human community will always be in the paint with a variety of things, according to the circumstances. Sometimes good sometimes bad, sometimes peaceful sometimes conflict. Implication of the everyday relationship between human beings is not always painful, causing hatred, so is not all fun giving rise to love, at certain moments of emotion, selfishness and arrogance could have mastered ourselves.

Implications bad that we received from the attitudes of others, as well as hostile behavior which we show to others, both by conscious or unconscious, we have neutralized with bersilaturrahim. We believe, that the feast of Eid al-Fitr as the right moment to neutralize or at least minimize strain relationships among human beings. Prophet said: "O people, tebarkanlah sambunglah peace and brotherhood" (Narrated by Ahmad and Tirmidhi)

Through silaturrahim, we will also gain wisdom and extraordinary avail. Among them; will facilitate all matters, can establish a business partner, and multiply colleagues will certainly mutually beneficial collaboration. On one occasion the Prophet said: "Whoever wants to dijembarkan sustenance and lengthen his age then sambunglah brotherhood" (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim). Some scholars interpret the phrase "long life" in the above hadith with the meaning "the blessing of life".

Final words:

We all look forward, hopefully feast of Idul Fitri this time is a moment that can restore our faith in nature, where Eid comes after we finish the training process to control the soul through fasting Ramadan, he arrived accompanied by the obligation of zakat fitrah which is a form of concern , and he also came up with the tradition of "Eid" in an effort to strengthen the ties of brotherhood and friendship. Not the other three at the same happiness that we feel in the moment of the feast of Eid is a gift from Allah that we shall be grateful. "Say: By the Grace of Allah and His mercy, let them rejoice with it. Gifts of God and his mercy is better than what they amass." (Surat Yunus: 58)

* The author is a board member mustasyar boarding Assalafie Babakan Ciwaringin Cirebon, is completing the S3 program areas Maqasid Shari'ah and humanitarian problems of Mohammed V University in Morocco


Jumat, 20 Juni 2014

Amazon 3D Smartphone Officially Launched

Amazon 3D Smartphone Officially Launched

Amazon recently launched its first smartphone called fire Phone, and sure enough this smartphone is equipped with new features that surprising, 3D user interface!

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Amazon Fire Phone is also equipped with four cameras mounted on the front side. The fourth function of the camera to track the exact position of your head towards the screen at any time. This does not mean always using all four sensors at one time.

If you hold it in landscape position, it will be using two cameras that happen to be in the top two corners, depending on which side is facing up. That's why there are four sensors. In addition, there is a small infra-red blaster in each corner, which makes it possible to capture the necessary data even when you use the phone in the dark.(Read : harga blackberry onix )

Problem own UI 3D effects, Fire Phone screen is not similar to the HTC EVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D. Instead, take into account the position of the head and lifting the corresponding interface, creating a dynamic perspective effects, allowing you to see the items on the screen as if they were in 3D - looks different when viewed from different angles. (*)

Source: Phonearena

Sabtu, 31 Mei 2014

Ukraine Promises Give Military Pressure on Separatist Group

Ukraine Promises Give Military Pressure on Separatist Group

KIEV - The Ukrainian government has promised to put pressure on the military offensive against the separatists . This followed after a Ukrainian government helicopters shot down on Thursday, May 29th, 2014 at Slovyansk .

Citing Reuters on Friday ( 30/05/2014 ) , the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko vowed to punish those responsible for shooting the helicopter that killed approximately 14 soldiers of Ukrainian and a General .

Seeing the incident Minister of Defence of Ukraine , Mykhilo Koval back accusing the Russians are conducting special operations in the East region of Ukraine . He also emphasized the Ukrainian government forces will continue military operations in the border areas back to normal .
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Previous helicopter crash was caused surface to air missile attacks by separatist groups . The plan of the helicopter will bring a number of government forces to the location of the battle with separatist groups .

The battle between pro - Russian Ukrainian military increased in cities such Slovyansk to the Donetsk region .

Earlier, on Monday, May 26, 2014 , approximately 50 people were reported killed when involved in a battle to seize the Donetsk International Airport . Currently the airport finally got dominated by forces of Ukraine .


Selasa, 27 Mei 2014

Prompt Pay Tilang with Chest Fingering, Traffic Police Reported Makassar

Sexual abuse committed by the police back in Makassar . This time , the Traffic Police officers Polrestabes Makassar Aiptu Sutarno reported harassing a woman with the initials RT ( 21 ) , a resident of Jalan Raya Maccini .

Head of Public Relations ( Head of Public Relations ) Sulselbar Police Commissioner Endi Sutendi Police confirmed on Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) , claimed to have been informed of cases of alleged abuse by unscrupulous Polrestabes Makassar traffic policeman on guard duty at the post flyover on Monday ( 26 / 5/2014 ) night .
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" We 've heard the info and we are concerned over the incident . Our commitment to crack down on members who are proven guilty . Tour of Adj So Polrestabes Makassar , Aiptu Sutarno already secured . I have to convey to Adj So that immediately examined by Propam , " said Endi .

According to information obtained from the internal police , harassment of RT , who work as employees of the Sun Mall Panakukang , occurred on Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) night . At that time , the victim rode his bike along , Beti , and not using a helmet .

Motor Mio sporty green plate number 3396 QY DD who drove the victim was detained by Aiptu Sutarno . The police also took the victim into the post . However , the victim stood in the way .

After that , Aiptu Sutarno threatened the victim with a speeding ticket fines . The victim said he did not have the money . Aiptu Sutarno then ask for a ticket "paid " in jest only.

Aiptu Sutarno suddenly holding hands and shoulders before they were groped the victim's chest . The victim immediately rebelled and saved himself by crossing the street .

The victim rushed home and informed the incident to her husband , Arman ( 30 ) . Furthermore , Arman reported the harassment suffered by his wife to Polrestabes Makassar .

In the past week , there were two cases of sexual abuse committed by members of Polsekta Tamalate . The members are Brigpol Arifuddin Parepare Nano and members of the police , Brigadier Chandra Aris . Brigpol Arifuddin raping a girl with the initials G ( 16 ) who works as a construction worker in Jalan Metro Tanjung Bunga . Meanwhile , Brigadier Chandra Aris reportedly molested five junior high school students in Pare-Pare .


Sabtu, 24 Mei 2014

Women's Boyfriend Arrested for Marijuana smuggled in Prison

A woman , MH ( 21 ) , a resident of Mount 4 , Balikpapan , was caught trying to smuggle marijuana into the Prison Classification II A , Balikpapan , East Kalimantan , on Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) .

Initially , MH intends to visit his girlfriend , RB , who was a prisoner Police narcotics type of marijuana -related cases as well .

" Our female officers are examining female visitors . Currently examining MH , found goods estimated marijuana tucked in the wallet . MH immediately we hold and we submit to the police station , " said Chief of Security detention M Budi Santoso .
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Rutan open visiting hours three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays , and Saturdays . Rutan wishers visited by at least 100 per day . Comparison of the amount of each shift duty officer is not comparable with the well-wishers .

Each shift kept a team that only six officers . They while keeping at least 600 inmates and detainees . Although the comparison is not balanced , Budi ensure that officers keep a strict check each wishers , including the contents of his luggage .

" When tomorrow all being searched , including the content of the items brought up . We searched effort , not to exist ( prohibited items ) entry . Ketati We all , " he said .

MH is one of the well-wishers at the end of this week , at 10:00 . MH come alone . Officers crease women MH inspect all luggage , rice packets , and a wallet containing ATM and debit cards . Fill rice wrapper does not escape from the examination .

" We found a small plastic wrap , plastic sort of ice , inserted in it . We check the contents of the plastic . Contents hashish . We weigh , weighs 18.58 grams , and after making sure , we bagged and submit it to the police , " he said .


Kamis, 22 Mei 2014

Furniture hawkers under bridges AFP

Furniture merchant who held stalls under a bridge must be prepared to move . Because municipal police cooperate with the Section of Peace and Order ( Trantib ) will conduct local policing in the area.

" The plan will be put in order . We have repeatedly sent letters warning them . Having never been ignored , then in the near future Bekasi municipal police will right the situation at the site , " said Head of Peace and Order Section of the District of West Bekasi Sopwanudin at Kranji on Friday ( 23.05.2014 ) .

According Sopwanudin , it has repeatedly warned of the merchants . However , the warning is always ignored . Control it 's already been done .
However , traders were selling back there again .

Sopwanudin added when the land is cleared of traders , there are plans to turn it into a green open land . Later there will be planted ornamental plants .
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Therefore , Sopwandi asks traders to move immediately . According to him , it is better than the municipal police must perform an audit . Thus, there is no friction between municipal police with the merchant later .

" We appealed to the traders to move immediately , so that the friction does not occur when the municipal police to curb , " he said .


Rabu, 21 Mei 2014

It denies children the Foundation "Giving Back" Hundreds of Millions

Party Putera Sampoerna Foundation ( PSF ) does not argue about "giving back" to the value of hundreds of millions of two educational institutions . However , they denied that it was done without the knowledge of parents Siwa and also imposed .

Managing Director of Putera Sampoerna Nenny Soemawinata say , this mechanism was chosen because the grantee must clearly has a responsibility to the next generation of students . This is based on , as long as several years providing scholarships , but there is no sense of responsibility from those who receive it .
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" From our experience a couple of years to do that , Indonesian children that we give scholarships to feel no sense of responsibility or any bond with us and also the country , " said Nenny to Kompas.com , on the 27th floor of Tower Sampoerna Strategic Square , Jalan Sudirman , Central Jakarta , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) .

Two PSF institutions , namely National Academy of International Students ( ASBI ) - high school - and Nations University International Students ( USBI ) , he said , to recruit school students from disadvantaged backgrounds . The admission process through the selection process with a series of tests . ASBI graduate students then offered to go to college USBI .

He said he then formed a National Student Cooperative (BCC ) for students USBI . Once they graduate and work , through this cooperative , USBI alumnus can provide assistance to the generations after them . Help it , said Nenny , a piece of 20 percent salary income after their graduate work .

" They bring back 20 percent of its revenues . Was true , we say the wrong baseball . Nah , the return to where ? Into KSB . Anyone anggotannya , yes these children . Earlier we tell the program to be sustained and continuous , returned again to help the next generation as them , "said Nenny .

Nenny said it did not deny the existence of CSR from a variety of companies other than those for education funding . However , it is also used for their students . " Our foundation does not take advantage , " he said .

This mechanism , according to him , has been widely used in other countries , like the United States . In Indonesia , he acknowledges , is still new . For those who are willing with the mechanism , must execute an agreement earlier .

" Because we want the child , roughly " giving back " , or pay to the cooperative in which members were them too , " he said .

He said the agreement , has been delivered to the parents of their students from the beginning stages through acceptance and determination mechanism . Nenny said , there is no element of compulsion because through the process .

" We said , if you want to join this trip , the conditions like this , " said Nenny , 20 Years and Rp 800 million Nenny said , it had to do calculations for graduates who do the giving back . According to him , the process of return is not for prediction author on the article that circulated on the internet .

"If they ( alumni ) while maintaining performance as it is now in college , we have calculated the maximum of 20 years ( paying ) . 's Highest , " he said .

What is an example of the total cost and the amount of the mortgage , Nenny not mention explicitly . Do nilainnya reached USD 800 million as stated in the article on the internet , did not dismiss the PSF .

" Maybe it could be up to that much , " said Coordinator of Cooperative Students Programmers Nations (BCC ) Celia Ella , on the same occasion .

First , Ella stated , it depends on the cost of education undertaken by university students . Both depend lifestyle or facility received . " It depends on their lives would like it or not , " he said .

To reduce KSB assistance , he added , there are students who undergo online business or become a tutor . Or for example , continued Nenny , there are 9 students who study in the Houston area , the United States , which can live frugal. For example , in terms of providing transport to feed themselves . They only ask for 50 percent of the monthly assistance KSB .

" I want this much , that much baseball . Ahead, we are open . Due to their cooperative members , " continued Nenny .

Time to return it could also be shorter . He pointed out that graduates occupy a career peak in quick time . It also measures the extent of this within 6 months of the graduates are able to work . In addition, it helps the growth of career and alumni placement of their careers .

"The final is in the hands of children . Segigih what he wants , " said Nenny .

ASBI and USBI has a different location . Deputy Head of ASBI Hairun Gani said , a total of 1,300 more students ASBI spread across four cities namely , Bogor , Palembang , Malang and Bali . USBI Meanwhile , place the new one on the Jewel, South Jakarta , to the number of about 400 students currently . Also present were Public Relations Manager Sandra Darmosumarto PSF .